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LunarPages Coupon

Are you planning to signup with Lunarpages? Do you want to Save up to $236? Then follow the instructions below and you can! You will not find another website that lists better Lunarpages coupon codes with an extra rebate of $10-$100. Guaranteed!

Tired of misleading sites with coupons that do something different than what they say?
Lunar Pages has recognized this and has now set ALL LunarPages Coupon  codes to the same discount of 15% off your order. You will not find a better savings than this now on LunarPages Hosting. Plus with our extra rebate offers, you can save even more.

These are the best 3 LunarPages Coupons for 2015!

LPSave15        - 15% off your order.
MaxSavings2  - 15% off your order + 2 months FREE!

Coupon savings below are using the 35% off lunarpages coupon: LPSave15

Hosting Plan Type Billing Period Coupon Savings Rebate Savings Total Savings Order Now!
Starter 12 Months $0 $10 $10 Activate Coupon
Starter 24 Months $0 $10 $10 Activate Coupon
Most Popular
60 Months $44 $50
$94 Activate Coupon
Basic 12 Months $16 $50
$66 Activate Coupon
Basic 24 Months $25 $50
$75 Activate Coupon
Windows 12 Months $19 $35 $54 Activate Coupon
Windows 24 Months $25 $35 $60 Activate Coupon
Business 12 Months $41 $60 $101 Activate Coupon
Business 24 Months $79 $60 $139 Activate Coupon
This coupon will also work with Dedicated, Cloud VPS and Reseller plans.
Scalable Cloud VPS 6 Months $100+ $50 $110+ Activate Coupon
Dedicated 2 3 Months $0 $100 $100 Activate Coupon
Dedicated 2 12 Months $225 $100 $325 Activate Coupon
Dedicated 2 24 Months $414 $100 $514 Activate Coupon
Dedicated 3 24 Months $522 $100 $622 Activate Coupon
(12 month min for rebate)
12 Months $35.91 $50 $85.91 Activate Coupon
Older Coupon codes
all these codes will now give you 15% off your order.



1) Be sure you are a new customer and have cookies enabled in your web browser and to enter ONLY one of the above discount codes when you order to save!

2) Click Here To Save At LunarPages

3) After you have ordered, contact us below to claim your rebate! If you use any other coupon code on the internet you can not claim a rebate with us.

We will PAY YOU up to $100 if you sign up for hosting through our link*

Not ready to sign up yet? Bookmark this site so you have it saved when you are ready!

* In order to take advantage of this offer, the following conditions apply. Please also see our FAQ for more terms:

  1. You must use the link above to sign up for hosting for LunarPages and have cookies enabled in your browser. If you do not, you will not receive the credit.

  2. If you use ANY OTHER coupon code besides the ones listed on this site, your rebate claim will be voided.

  3. You must Use this Form OR email us here: immediately after you sign up for hosting with your domain name, paypal email address and the time you submitted the order.

  4. Rebate will be sent via Paypal, so you need to have a paypal account.

  5. Once we have confirmed you have signed up using our link, and have not cancelled your account within 40 days of signing up, we will send you a paypal payment of $50-$100 to the paypal email address you provide to us. (or $10 for starter plans or if you use coupon LPsave15)


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