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What People are saying about our Rebate Offer:

Below you will find real user testimonials from people who have used to receive the rebate offer. When they have allowed,  a link to their website has been included for authenticity purposes. Feel free to contact them to verify.

"wow! i forgot about this, thanks for being an honest person!!!! rare sometimes in this day and age. makes me smile thankfully!! good karma to your and yours. peace."

Justin A
(site offline)

"This site rocks! I was searching google for Lunarpages hosting coupons and stumbled upon this site and had to give it a shot. Well, 3 months later, as promised, the $50.00 rebate was sent to my paypal. Thanks a million to the website owner - this is the real deal!"

(site offline)

"Lunar pages is a great host and just makes the whole deal better..Great stuff ... I'm so glad I did a bit of searching to come across this site it saved me quite a bit of $. I admit I was a little skeptical at first but communicating with John was just a breeze and I took the plunge. Everything went smoothly and as promised a 50$ rebate was in my account soon as lunarpages verified my account after 40 days. Keep up the good work. thanks for everything john it was a pleasure. will send whoever comes my way to you."

Dimitri M.

"Thanks for the rebate! I always am looking for ways to save money, and I couldn't pass up such a great offer. So I signed up with LunarPages and not only do I LOVE their hosting service, but the money you saved me has made it the BEST hosting I have ever purchased. I received my rebate via PayPal this morning and it made my day. Thanks!"

Shawn P

"Thank you! Not only did your rebate program save me over 50% on a year of hosting a new domain name, but it encouraged me to keep my new website up, running, and updated, so I could qualify to get some money back. At first I thought 90 days would take forever to arrive...then today, my rebate appeared out of nowhere in my inbox. A great surprise and great timing. So glad I found you!"

Leigh P

" provided me a much-needed affordable option through the rebate provided so that I could host my personal website. Lunarpages is very professional and I would look forward to continuing the relationship for my personal website. Thanks."

Subhajit C.

"Thanks so much!! I highly recommend this rebate program. It worked just as he promised. I didn't have to remind him to send the rebate or anything. Just when I was beginning to wonder about it, there it was! What a fabulous deal!!"

T. Herbert

"To be honest, the first thing i thought was that all this would be a scam... after some time I forgot about this, and then all of a sudden "i've got new funds!": As John promised, the cash was there. Thanks for this great service!"

Nick S.M.

"Thanks for the $30 rebate. We promptly received our $30 rebate from for buying our web hosting through their link. Great service."

“I just wanted to say thanks for the rebate I received today as promised. This along with the discount code you supplied on your site meant I was able to host my site with Lunarpages for a bargain price (words a Scotsman just loves to hear!)”

Alastair B.

“After doing extensive searching on Google, I have not found any coupons/site that can match with’s Rebate Offer. $25 off with another free month of hosting, top off with the $30 rebate, this is a really good deal. And just yesterday I received the $30 rebate in my Paypal account as promised by John. Now I’m a satisfied Lunarpages customer at a very satisfactory price!”

Thien KW

“Forgot all about this rebate. Voila, Paypal shows up just as promised. I’m pleased enough to take time to write this so you don’t miss out on your rebate too!”

Dave P.

5/2007 “Thanks so much for the promised rebate.”

Ralph P.


07/2007 “thanks, john. what a great deal!”

Tommy S


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* In order to take advantage of this offer, the following conditions apply:

  1. You must use the link above to sign up for hosting for LunarPages and have cookies enabled in your browser. If you do not, you will not receive the credit.

  2. If you use ANY OTHER coupon code besides the ones listed on this site, your rebate claim will be voided.

  3. You must Use this Form OR email us here: immediately after you sign up for hosting with your domain name, paypal email address and the time you submitted the order.

  4. We will ONLY send money via Paypal, so you need to have a paypal account.

  5. Once we have confirmed you have signed up using our link, and have not cancelled your account within 40 days of signing up, we will send you a paypal payment of $50-$100 to the paypal email address you provide to us. (or $10 for starter plans or if you use coupon LPsave15)


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